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Find out more about our previous projects either by service or by client. Below are details of some of our current or most recent projects.

If you'd like to find our more or dicuss how Think-Lab can help your organisation, please contact Melanie Smallman on 07957 280349.

Communicating to policymakers - training

Many policymakers are not scientists, even if they work with scientific material every day.  We are currently developing a training workshop for scientists across Defra, to help them communicate their science more effectively to their policy colleagues.  To find out more, please contact Melanie Smallman.

June 2010

Creative Science Writing Workshops

At Think-Lab, we think that science is one of the most exciting things we can think about.  Yet when we look at scientific reports, it's often one of the most boring things to read about.  But it doesn't have to be like that. 

To try to bring some life into the way colleagues write about science, we run a regular workshop that draws on various genres of writing, to insire more creativity in science communication. 

The workshops have proved so popular that we were asked to deliver it to 200 scientists working across government, on behalf of GO-Science.  We also released  "Getting heard: a writing guide for scientists and engineers in government" to accompany the grand workshop.

To find out more, please contact Melanie Smallman.

June 2010

Lessons learned in communicating science to environmental policymakers

Science is increasingly important for good policymaking, yet the relationship between researchers and policymakers is often seen as difficult. 

In the past ten years there has been considerable academic research looking at ways to bridge this perceived gap.  Think-Lab, working with LTS International in Scotland and IVL in Sweden, were commissioned by the UK's Environment Agency and the European SKEP network, to test these academic lessons in real-life situations.  Taking a series of case studies, we looked at how science has fed into poliycmaking in the recent past.

The final report of lessons is available here.

 April 2009

Dialogue and the Media

One of the challenges of public engagement activities to date has been publicising the events to a wider audience – to increase participation and to disseminate the findings further. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is difficult to engage the mass media – even when the dialogues were likely to generate controversy.

Think-Lab conducted research for the ScienceWise Expert Resource Centre, asking whether this view is right and whether we can be more effective in working with journalists, through a review of media coverage of public dialogue and interviews with journalists and science communicators.

The project reported back in Autumn 2009 and the report published in 2010. Download a copy here.

January 2009